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“When I dropped 150 pounds of fat, I learned some important lessons. Sometimes shedding unwanted fat is as simple as eating fewer calories than one burns. Often, it is far more complicated and we need a guide. Those people must know how to get your body to shift into a fat burning mode without inducing hunger and they must produce consistent, controlled fat shedding. The guides at SOTA Weight Loss are healthcare providers and nutritionists and I think their durable, consistent success comes down to these factors:

– SOTA works with you, an individual human being, not “them”, a group of customers. 
– At SOTA, they remove complexity and stress from choosing foods–even when you eat out!–with menus that are as easy to follow as directions on shampoo.
– Bodyweight is not their core metric, it is body fat percentage, which is how they move your body into the victory zone. 

Having kept 150 lbs of fat off for 8 years, I know this: the SOTA protocol is your best path to enjoying the body that will free you to enjoy a longer life, with the ability to play more, do more and worry less.”

– Another Happy SOTA Customer

Our supportive team is here to help you. The highly effective SOTA-At-Home program is a safe, fast and exciting program that is rewarding, encouraging, uplifting and empowering, as you make the decision to take the “bull by the horns” for your personal transformation.

SOTA staff have walked in your shoes with weight loss and weight gain issues. We can relate to what you might be thinking and feeling, we understand your fears, doubts, failures, uncertainties and difficulties. We make the process of you slimming down as easy and as certain as possible with sincere support.


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