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{Todd, I only caught the tail end of you saying that you're leaving radio. I am heart broken. I've been listening to you since you started filling for Ben Shapero when he was on KTTH. I pray your podcast grows exponentially as the country needs to hear the truths that you broadcast. God bless you Todd!! 🙏 BTW, this is met Erin and Riley at the event with Charlie Kirk and she took video of you saying hi to me 😊 I was thrilled when she sent that to me. Thank you! 😁
{Todd sad to hear the news but excited for you. I can't leave this area because I will not leave my daughter who I have 50% custody with her mom. I feel like because of that I'm here to fight which I do everyday. You have helped me find that ability to fight and I am forever grateful for that.
{Todd, you're my source of info on what's going on. Your show is what I've been listening to every morning & that I look forward to. I've been telling friends about your radio show ever since I found you. Your testimony has been a blessing to me. Without your show I wouldn't know about the depth of the deception on C-19, and about the corruption in our schools. I voted for Mr. Johnson for our school board in the primary, largely because of his interview with you. I don't do social media, so don't have that source, but have subscribed to your new site. Don't know how much I'll get to listen to it, because of my very erratic work schedule. Will try though. Have very much depended on you, but good luck & blessings. You have to go where the Lord leads you.
Hem Helen
{Todd, we are very sad for 570 KVI. We look forward to you every morning. We pray your new show will continue to grow and be helpful in this sick world . We love you. God's richest Blessings our friend. He is with you always.
{Good morning Todd. Hope this doesn't sound condescending but I am so proud of you. I've listened from day one and yes, there were growing pains but man, once you hit your stride... EPIC radio. I've learned more from your broadcasts than I ever imagined possible and am forever grateful. Living inside the Seattle madness wouldn't have been possible without you. We are at war. Yes, it's an information war but most importantly it's a spiritual war. Like I said, I'll follow you wherever you go. When you find someone that always tells the truth, never let them go! We love you Todd! God bless you!
Mindy Ballard
{Todd, Been listening to you since you started on KTTH, tried to follow you when you switched to the FM Broadcast with the Libs, but couldn't hang. I listened again when you returned to KTTH, & followed you when you subbed for the great El Rushbo as well. You have been a bright light in the darkness, & I thank you for all of those years of insight & education, & for all the hard work you & your team have put in. I wish you continued happiness in your decision to follow your heart & head, in this new direction you are taking. While I hope it's a successful venture for you, your stated new format is not for me. I wish you could remain on KTTH, & do your podcast separately, but that is not your path. Will I greatly miss you & your program? You betcha', brother! Kind regards,
Elliott Fine
Missing Link
{Todd, There are no words. I'm going to try and keep this short, but can't promise that. When you returned to KTTH, it was a wonderful day. But here you go again, and the selfish part of me hopes you return to KTTH someday in the future. The important thing about live radio is you reach people without them having to log into anything other than turning on the radio. Point - when you were a guest host for Rush, your already large audience surged into many more because of Rush's show. Radio offers that immediate exposure that only requires turning it on and being on the right dial. On Dan Bongino, I didn't get what you were saying about him, but I gave up listening to his show because he changed it drastically to what it once was with Rush. He doesn't engage and include the faithful listeners of Rush's show the way Rush did. You ever notice these 2 things about that show now, after Bongino took the reins: 1) He talks way too fast, like he's overexcited, whereas Rush had a conversation.
Art Bell Fan
{All I have to say Todd, is Thank you for helping 25 year old find himself. (I think I was roughly 25 years old when I found your show after you filled in for Dori.) I am a month away from turning 33, I am now a dad of a 3 year old little girl and a husband. Thank you for every personal note and chunk of advise you pumped through my speakers. It truly helped me grow. You are to me for what Rush was for you. Goodluck on your endeavors. I am a bit choked up over this. I hope to continue to follow you for years to come in some form or another. The next host will likely get a lot of text messages from, Casey of Auburn. Goodluck Todd! Be well! Be strong! And never stop being so kind and loving to all. God bless you.
Auburn, WA
{Todd, I think it is wonderful what you are doing with the podcast! I think this is definitely your ministry. It has been so frustrating to me, especially in this last year which has been very revealing, to see so many pastors and churches out of touch with politics because they ,for some reason, don't think it applies. When the church ignores politics it drives people towards leftism because all, they know of politics is emotion and the left is good at pulling on your emotional heartstrings. we need to be able to teach our children to think biblically and critically about everything in life or we will lose them to the left. I Will be praying for you, but I am very excited.
Atlantic Coast Mom

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