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Our chance to help a Navy SEAL family.

Help a Navy SEAL Family


I have hinted at this multiple times. Now, I get to share the full-story.

While 25-year Navy veteran and Navy SEAL, Tim Cruickshank has been staring-up Bonefrog Coffee, he and his wife of decades have been at war with cancer. This war is now at a crucial point and I reached out to Tim and asked him if he would please let me share his story and to ask you to help his family. He was reluctant. Tim does not like asking for help; in fact, he has never asked me for anything, but I kept bugging him. They need our help; the care that may save Liz Cruickshank’s life is not available in America and insurance will not cover it. Please help the Cruickshanks get this care by donating right here.

Today, you will hear Tim compare this war to combat, his family’s fight to the shooting battles he fought with his SEAL teammate. And, you will hear what Tim has learned about the medical system in America both as a Physician’s Assistant, Tim’s day-job for many years, and as a husband fighting for his wife. Mostly, though, you will hear Tim describe his brave wife who refuses to give-up or to break a promise to their son.

And, yes, I am asking you to help Tim and his wife and you can do that right here.

In the picture: Tim and Liz (in the center) back when the main concern was Tim coming back from combat alive. He was also a BUDS instructor while Liz and he began their family. “She was basically a single mom all those years I was deployed”, Tim said.

The entire family

Liz in the battle with cancer.

What does God say?

John 15:13 13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

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