Season 1 Episode 6

We’ve Already Won The Most Important Election: We Are The Exiled Elect!

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Todd Straight Talking

The party is making it so easy to choose our path in this time of choosing. We are the “Exiled Elect” and the quicker we act like it, the sooner we win the only war that has eternal meaning.

  • Gishlaine Maxwell have a TED Talk . . . what does that say about The Party and when will Jeffrey Epstein’s victims get to give their TEDTalk? 
  • The co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Inc.  got a multi-million dollar home for getting cops murdered. Guess how much prison time a supposed Proud Boy got for burning a stolen BLM flag? What does that tell us about The Party? 

Plus, a music review, listener emails, a host apology and a Personal Note


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