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The W.H.O. intends to inject us by force?

Alex Berenson saw it first. The World “Health” Organization wants to have a conversation about forcing you to take the Covid injections. A talk. A chat. A meeting of the minds. Ha!
Sky News

Quick rewrite: The W.H.O. wants to force people to get injected with gene sequencing technology that doesn’t stop infection or transmission of SARS-Cov-2. They want to inflict bodily violence upon people to forcibly inject us with concoctions that are monumentally more dangerous than any actual vaccine** in history.

( ** – I refer to the pre-Covid era where medical terms had definitions rather than excuses).

My brief reply to these tyrants: Become bent.

More thoughtfully, I’ll say it this way. God gave use life; it’s not the WHO’s to take. He created us in His image and reminds us our bodies are not our own. The Lord gave us immune systems. The lies of Tony Fauci, the CDC and the WHO will not erase God’s work or make The Lord a liar. Our genes were not designed to be hacked by code to spit-out Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson’s spike proteins we can know this by examining the trickery the Pharma-hadists employed in making them and how the Pharmagandists lie about how they did it. God instructs us to be truthful; pretending these injections can stop this virus is a lie.

I do not wish violence upon anyone. If The WHO attempts to inflict medical violence upon me or my family, I will consider it war and my response will be calibrated for a “just war.” I will defend God’s body he lends me, God’s life he gave me and God’s truth will whatever I must. Then, I will pray for my enemies.

Or, they can bend themselves. That would save time and hassle.

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