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How To Cross Examine Tony Fauci

10 questions for a human rights criminal

Photo of Fauci with face mask down draws jeers. He fires back. |

He should be a defendant in a court of law. Tony Fauci is not acting as a doctor. His policies have nothing in common with healthcare. He is a “pharmagandist” and far worse. Fauci is a human rights criminal on a global scale. If he was ever forced to answer these ten questions in a court room filled with evidence, the man would spend his life in prison or be hung.

Here are ten easy questions for the human rights criminal, Tony Fauci:

  1. Why did you change the definition for how deaths are counted, which had the effect of making Covid deaths appear to be 35% – 40% higher than they would have been under the previous method?

  2. Why did you change the definition of a “case” of Covid from a known, verified illness determined through examination by a doctor, to include temperature, nose and throat culture and other symptoms to a PCR Test that, at high threshold levels, you admit cannot distinguish between actual Covid and the antibodies from a years old cold?

  3. Why did you ignore the official position of global health authorities, a position emphasized in a paper written by several of your team members, which indicated lockdowns are not the way to deal with respiratory viruses and that they may, in fact, make the situation worse?

  4. Why did you ignore a massive meta-analysis of six, randomized controlled trials performed over some 45 or more years, in which people with lab confirmed influenza were observed in masked and unmasked populations, wherein the CDC’s own conclusion was “masks do not inhibit the transmission of upper respiratory viruses?”

  5. Why did you attack the reputation, and suppress the medical use of, two absolutely non-controversial drugs, each of which have strong histories of helping people avoid getting seriously ill with respiratory viruses, when you actually referred to one of them—Hydroxychloroquine—as “part therapeutic and part vaccines?”

  6. Why have you ignored the fact that naturally acquired immunity is more durable and elastic than any effects of the mRNA, DNA, ANA Covid shots, even as over 120 studies now show that to be the case?

  7. Why have you allowed the impression to persist that children are at risk in any meaningful way from The Covid Flu?

  8. Why have you pushed for children to be injected with the mRNA, DNA, ANA Covid shots when there are no mathematical measures by which children benefit from them and are, in fact, at greater risk from the injections than from Covid itself?

  9. Why did you pay third parties to continue to use taxpayer money to perform gain of function research with the Communist Party of China when you knew such research was forbidden?

  10. Why have you suppressed access to monoclonal antibodies?

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