Season 1 Episode 5

CNN’s Huge Lie About Firing Chris Cuomo and The Theft of Truth

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Todd Straight Talking

“Where’s there’s a double standard, there’s a hidden agenda.” – There has never been a better example of this axiom than CNN firing Chris Cuomo. It’s every bit the act that was Chris Cuomo–the actor–pretending to be a mask zealot or filming his faked  first release from quarantine.  So, what’s the actual agenda? The easy guess is people at CNN hate him, the other guess is his show has no ratings. But, what if it’s deeper than all of that?

Alec Bladwin leads us into an exploration of The theft of truth:  it’s getting increasingly hard for people to tell each other the truth because the enemy and The Party are robbing us of it.

Music review of The Day: I think this guy is the most underrated songwriter and singer of our era.

On A Personal Note . . . what if you met an angel and didn’t know it?

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