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Meet Bonefrog coffee company, veteran-owned & operated!

Tim Cruickshank


Tim Cruickshank is the founder and CEO of Bonefrog Coffee Company. A Veteran-owned and operated premium, small-batch coffee roastery located in the Pacific Northwest.

After serving 25 years in the U.S. Navy, I created Bonefrog Coffee Company as a tribute to the “Brotherhood” of U.S. Navy SEAL’s, the Naval Special Warfare community and to all Americans who bravely served, or who are currently serving, in our United States Armed Forces. Each label we create tells a story to remind us of battles fought and great American heroes who answered the call. We feel these stories are worth repeating and sharing with others so their memories and legacies will never be forgotten.

“I consider Bonefrog Coffee Company my next mission and I take great pride in the coffee we roast. We do this to support those brave Americans at the tip of the spear, we honor their sacrifices and preserve their legacies.
We make this coffee for you, our fellow flag waving, freedom loving Americans, with a heartfelt thank you to our veteran, law enforcement and first responder communities”.

Power of Giving

Bonefrog Coffee Company was created as a tribute to the “Brotherhood” of US Navy SEALs, the Naval Special Warfare community and to all Americans who have bravely served, or who are currently serving, in our United States Armed Forces. We are making a humble and heartfelt commitment to give a portion of all of our proceeds to benefit many of the US Navy SEAL Foundations annually.


BoneFrog Coffee Company has partnered with one of the most knowledgeable and respected coffee roasters in the industry.

Dave Stewart was a pioneer of gourmet coffee roasting well prior to Seattle exploding onto the coffee scene.  His life long passion for quality coffee and attention to detail started nearly 50 years ago and led him to become a Master Roaster. Over the years Dave has developed a signature style and flavor profile that is not easily replicated. His coffee blends and unique roasting style have been enjoyed by discerning coffee drinkers worldwide for decades. Dave and his brother were co-founders of Seattle’s Best Coffee that was acquired by Starbucks in 2003.

Dave’s commitment to excellence and passion for fresh and vibrant blends makes him the perfect person to oversee our coffee operations. Our staff at BoneFrog Coffee consider him a dear friend and mentor to our operations.

In Memoriam, Never to be Forgotten

With deep and solemn respect, we named our company after this iconic image that honors our Brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation. As SEALs we accept the inherent hazards of our profession, with the full knowledge of the demands of our chosen way of life. The Naval Special Warfare community has lost many warriors since their inception on JAN 01, 1962, both during training and in combat, at home and on foreign shores. We mourn the loss of each and honor them and their families for their sacrifice with this reverent symbol of respect.

“To the Brotherhood”

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