Season 1 Episode 6, Hour 1

300 Million Guns is Why America is Not Like the Prison Island of Australia

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Todd Straight Talking

The End Game is in sight. Thank The Lord we are a well-armed people.

The Party is prepping the environment to install tyranny. So, what is The Lord prepping us to see and do?

  • A Congressional Rep. actually gets what The Covid response hoax is all about, their tweet: You better believe if it weren’t for the overwhelming number of freedom loving citizens we have in this country, the Democrats would have had us living like Australia, Germany, Austria and the others long ago. Don’t give them an inch!
  • Speaking of Australia, hear what it’s like to be put in a Covid prison … as a healthy person who tested negative. 
  • WAY back in September, CNN told the truth about what these injections could do to people–but, that was during Orange Man Bad,


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